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San Diego Wedding Florist Advice; Tips From The Pros

"What are some of the more common mistakes that many couples don’t account for when planning for the flowers at their wedding?"

Blue Bell Florals

Choosing your flowers is such an exciting part of planning your wedding, and there are definitely a few things to keep in mind that can help to make this process easier. Start by choosing a florist who specializes in the style of flowers you envision for your wedding. If you like what you see in their portfolio and on their instagram, they'll most likely be a good fit. Also, be honest and up front about your floral budget. We can dream up dozens of ideas for your wedding, but when we know what we have to work with, we can do our best to design ideas that fit within it. We want to take your vision and bring it to life on your wedding day so that when you see your bouquet, and walk into your ceremony and reception, it's better than you ever expected.

-Blue Bell Florals



Matching the centerpiece style to the venue, a big room with high ceilings needs big tall arrangements to make them pop. A smaller room with low ceilings should have something a bit more understated.

-I Do Flowers For You

I Do Flowers For You

I think a lot of couples have this misconception about a floral budget. Yes of course you should definitely budget for your big day, but keep in mind of your needs vs. wants. With so many more outlets available to couples like Pinterest, wedding blogs, social media and such, it's hard to not to want to have it all. So when it comes to start thinking about your decor items such as flowers, it's hard for those DIY Pinterest brides that try to cut corners. This is where the long nights, stress and headaches start to begin. Trust your florist and make sure you are both on the same page to deliver a beautiful wedding. But as the saying goes, " You get what you pay for". Do you really need that 15 foot flower wall that will only be used at the ceremony? Maybe, if you can afford, but for most average weddings, I doubt it. Instead look to re-utilize other items from your reception into your ceremony and vice versa. Work with your florist to share ideas and be honest about your budget up front. That way you both can avoid these long nights and headaches. As always all that matters in the end is the beautiful moments shared in your wedding with the love of your life.

-The Floral Craft

Hi, my name is Esmeralda Inda and I am a San Diego based paper flower designer, specializing in unique style backdrops with my Signature Giant Roses 36” wide. 

I love nothing better than seeing my couples’ gorgeous wedding pictures in front of my paper flower backdrops. 

When it comes to paper flower decor often times couples don’t account this kind of decor as important to them in the beginning, until the wedding day is so near and then they realize how beautiful it would be to have such a peace art behind their sweet heart table, as a photo booth or welcoming sign. Often times their budget is already maxed up by the time they decide they would like something like this.

Account for a wedding wall since the very beginnning of your planning. Consider it as a main focal point of your decor. You will never go wrong with a paper flower backdrop.

Another common mistake couples make is Paper Flower DIYs. We love seeing the clever projects couples come up with for their weddings. But we have to draw the line somewhere. Paper Flowers are very time consuming and can be extremely challenging depending on the flower design. It can take away a huge amount of time that can be dedicated to other planning projects. At the end frustration and regrets come to play as their DIY is not what they thought it would be. 

We are here to deliver the backdrop of your dreams and to save you tons of time. Give it to the experts and let us do the job for you. 

-Esmeralda Luxury Paper Flowers

Esmeralda Luxury Paper Flowers
SOCIETE Fine Flowers

For brides that have their heart set on a certain type of flower in their wedding bouquet, they are often disappointed to find out a given flower is not in season and is unavailable.  If you love peonies, choose a wedding date in May or June.  If you want dahlias, be sure to plan a summer or early fall wedding.  One of the best months for gorgeous spring flowers is March, which is often overlooked as a wedding date.  Finally, be sure to factor in the cost for the florist to transport and set up your flowers, as well as return to remove them at the end of the evening.  This can add 15-20% to the cost of your flowers, depending on the extent of your order.  Most of all, be sure to "stop and smell the roses" on your wedding day--enjoy!

-SOCIETE Fine Flowers

The number one disappointment for clients is the seasonal availability of key flowers, many clients love peonies or aneomones, as examples, yet do not find out when they are in season to be able to have them in the design. Certainly we are magicians with substitutions, but if clients have there hearts set on peonies, (or any favorite bloom), knowing when they are at their best is key.

-Adorations Botanical Artistry

Adorations Botanical Artistry
Tessfresh Flowers

We think couples tend to underestimate the budget for flowers on their day. It's one of the most important aspects of design for their wedding and yet they don't realize how it greatly affects the venue's aesthetics. It isn't just about picking a couple of flowers here and there but there is labor and design planning involved to create arrangements whether it be for centerpieces, ceremony, or bouquets. With that in mind, one might think they can easily DIY the arrangements they want, just order the greens and flowers by stems and bunches, and then end up in a panic days before the wedding upon the realization that it isn't as easy as it looks. By then, it may be tricky to find a florist who can help in time for their wedding. We say, know and understand your budget and then pick a florist who you can trust to help make that budget work for you. That and book early!

-Tessfresh Flowers